The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

As a family we love nothing more then playing games together...we were delight to play The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game...What we loved is the sturdy tree shaped box which makes is extremely unique....inside is a beautiful tree which hold the acorns during game play...

Inside the tree box we found a set of Instructions..Four tree logs..Game Spinner.. squirrel tweeter and 20 coloured acorns.

The game is suitable for up to four players from aged 3 yrs ..The object of the game is to fill up your log with five matching coloured acorns using the squirrel tweezers.....Each player takes their turn to spin the spinner and depending where you land will determine your move...
Pick - 1 Acorn or Pick 2 Acorns ...
Sneaky Squirrel - steals an acorn from another player..
Sad Squirrel - skip your next turn...or
Squirrel Storm -  loose your acorns and skip a turn

This is fun filled and is great for pre-school children as in introduces turn taking and colour matching...We had great fun playing this game...what my boys like its it quick and simple to set up and they have been getting out the game and playing together.....A great simple fun filled game for all the family.

We were given this game for purpose of review...All thoughts and opinions are that of our own and we remain honest in our views.


  1. It looks like a lovely game. I really like the colours and the illustrations.

  2. Its nice and bold ....My boys were playing it again this morning..they love it.. especially when they can take each others acorns :-)


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