Saturday 30 March 2013

An Eggcellent Adventure

We headed off to Covent Garden in check out the Lindt Big Easter Egg Hunt 
which is in support of Action For Children.

There was some amazing eggs with fantastic art work and designs on display....

They eggs were awesome...As well as... well known cartoon characters and designs there were also some amazing works of art .... On our hunt we were treated to some yummy chocolate lindt eggs that were being handed out....So with chocolate eggs in our tummy's we continued our hunt....Although it was a cold day we found quite a few of the eggs....

The most important thing is we had lots of if your looking for In expensive adventure then this egg hunt is for you (we just donated a small amount to for the Egg Hunt Booklet)

Check out the amazing egg's which will be in Covent Garden until 7th April 2013.

The Eggs were awesome...each one unique in design and colour.....The selection was amazing

There were so many fantastic works of art on display

Moshi Monster Shop Bus...with a slide

what an eggcellent adventure x
We had an awesome day...the boys had a great time.

This is a personal post on my experiences of The Big Egg Hunt .....I have no relationship of any kind with the organiser's and have not been paid for this post.... I share my personal thoughts and opinions in this post on our adventures.