Saturday 16 March 2013

Rice Krispie Nests

We had so much fun making these Rice Krispie Nests

My son came home yesterday with a Shredded Wheat Version that he had made at school...It was very tasty........It got munched up before I could even take a picture of his hard work!!!!
So today my boys wanted to create their own....and as we had rice krispies at home it was perfect..great for rainy days like today.

2  large bars of chocolate 
Rice Krispies/shredded wheat or cornfkakes
Chocolate mini eggs...

We melted our chocolate...bain- maire style...I prefer this the the boy's like watching and stirring as the chocolate melts.

My boys loved mixing in the rice kripies....a little bit messy....But well worth it...It kept them occupied for a while and its very simple to do.........Although they started munching on the chocolate mini eggs half way thorough "kids".

I cant wait to have one with a cup of tea now....Yummy...lets hope there some left. :-)