Here is my quote this week......Something which is close to my heart and shares the great relationship my sons have with their Dad.

"Any man can be a father but it takes a special person to be a Dad"

English Proverb

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  1. My son is very lucky. He has one father, who, now that he is nine, is becoming a reasonable dad. In Rich, my fiancée, he had a Daddy, although he never called him as such, but they had a wonderful relationship, and a tight bond. Each would never deny the blood relationship that many people assumed.

    After Rich died when the boy was 6, his world fell apart and yet he has found the strength to pick himself up, and we have a new 'significant male' in our lives, and the child is once again forging a bond, a different bond, but a strong one, with J, and is slowly finding it in himself to accept that whilst J may die in an unexplainable accident like Rich did, it doesn't mean that he shouldn't make the most of him whilst he is here. They laugh and play like puppies, he accepts J's authority, he trusts J's opinion, and in every respect aside from the name, J is becoming his Dad, whether he likes it or not. J doesn't want to replace my son's dad, but his real dad is more of a mate, and the boy knows he needs a proper role model.

  2. This quote is so true. To be a daddy takes love, patience, time together, discipline and so much more. To be a father, just requires a working penis!

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