If I say broken bone was my magic moment....well in my case a fractured toe bone ....you may think I'm a little mad...

But when I fill you in it will make a little more sense......I had just returned to work after maternity leave..... and was missing my baby boy terribly and I was six months pregnant at the time with my second child.....

One day I fell over whilst running to open the door to a delivery ....  my feet buckled underneath me and thank goodness I landed quite well (considering I was 6 months pregnant)....
Well after a week if walking around I was started to get lots of pain in my feet..I headed to the A&E department and was informed I had fractured my toe....six to eight weeks off work...
I was overjoyed...I missed my baby boy so badly and I could now spend time with him and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.....I ended up starting my maternity leave early after my sick leave.
Defiantly a magic moment in my life.


  1. I guess you was just meant to be at home with your babies!

  2. I can totally relate that this one! and indeed a #magicmoment, although i hope it wasnt too painful!

  3. Ouch but a lovely outcome! Popping over from magic moments

  4. The luckiest fracture ever! xx


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