We are very lucky that most of our children are growing up in an age of environmental awareness, most families and schools do a great job in helping children learn about the effects on our environment and how we all can play an individual role within our homes and communities to make those small but well-needed changes.

Its also great to see local communities such as mine encouraging residents to take care of their local communities and recycle and keep the environment clean, most residential communities have regular monthly meetings, which residents can keep in touch with whats happening in the local area and contribute from taking part in street cleaning days to tackling other environmental issues, its always useful to contact your local council and keep in touch with whats happening locally, Its great to be able to help and make small contributions and feel part of the community.

Nowadays many large and small business organisations are working with schools and local communities to promote environmental awareness, the Air and Homecare Recycling Programme offer special boxes where pupils can drop packaging that is not usually recycled locally, and send it off to TerraCycle where the waste is reused, upcycled or recycled, instead of being incinerated or sent to landfill, Glasdon UK  also has some amazing educational advice to encourage you to recycle and reuse check out their E-Book for more information.

Here are some tips that you can do at home and with your community:

Start a Monthly Meet Up - attend you local residents meetings, if you don't have any locally then start one up its the perfect way to come together with like-minded residents to make those positive environmental changes from local park, river or beach clean-ups.

Reycyle: Recycle paper, plastic and glass. this will help reduce your garbage by 10% and your carbon footprint.

Charity: Donate your old clothes and home goods instead of throwing them out and if you need something, consider buying used items.

Sign up to Streetbank: Streetbank is a website that lets groups create a bank of handy items where people can borrow items easily from their neighbours.

Go paperless: change your paper bills to online billing, and read documents online instead of printing them

Reuse: Use reusable bottles for water and reusable mugs for coffee, and  reusable bags when you shop

Make your own compost:  use your kitchen scraps and turn them into fertilizer for your garden

Buy local: where possible reduce the distance from farm to fork. Buy straight from the farm, frequent your local farmers’ market, or join a local food co-op.

Buy organic: where possible buy organic foods to keep your body and the environment free of toxic pesticides

Do have any more hints or tips on what we could do to help our local environment!

The Royal Mews

We really love exploring London, although we live in London there are still so many places we want to visit. I have always wanted to visit Buckingham Palace, so we were ever so delighted to visit The Royal Mews.

The Royal Mew is home to historic royal carriages and is one of the finest working stables in existence. The Royal Mews is responsible for all the road travel arrangements for The Queen and members of the Royal Family. We had the most amazing morning exploring the Royal Mews learning about the history of the vehicles and carriages.

It was amazing to see the royal carriages up close especially the Diamond Jubilee State Coach which looked absolutely glorious.

We even had the opportunity to try out one of the royal carriages, tack up the wooden pony and dress up as a footman in livery for children and adults. There are guided tours available check the website for times and availability.

The Royal Mews is a stunning place to visit this summer for more information check out

Bakerdays - Personalised Cake

It was recently my Birthday, so what better way to celebrate than with a surprise Bakerdays letter Box cake. My cake arrived via royal mail the day before my Birthday, I was really intrigued to see what awaited me.

The parcel was small and compact, on opening the box I was greeted with a small tin and card, inside was a vibrant personalised photo cake, surrounded with beautiful butterflies.

I was really intrigued to try the cake, inside was a delicious looking chocolate sponge, the sweet icing followed by the luxurious taste of the rich chocolate sponge which was filled with tasty chocolate chips, the cake was very morish it just a shame I had to share.

Bakerdays offer a range of personalised cakes and cupcakes for all occasions, Bakerdays Letter Box cakes start from £14.99 with free delivery if you order in advance.

I love the designs and that you can not only choose the style and personalised the cake, but you can also select which flavour you would like, its defiantly the perfect gift. For more information check out

Luis And The Aliens

Over the weekend we were super excited to watch the movie screening of Luis And The Aliens. The animated sci-fi movie follows 12 year old Luis who is a little different from the other children, not only does he have an obsessed Ufologist for a father who is convinced he saw aliens as a child, but Luis is having a hard time fitting in at school because of his father's obsession.

But things soon change when Luis learns that aliens really do exist when three crazy aliens crash-land, but he daren't tell his father who has a homemade 'shockfrost' gun, an unusual friendship develops and Luis soon finds himself in a very difficult situation which could see him being sent to boarding school, can Luis come up with a plan to save the day.

We absolutely loved the animated adventure of Luis and the Aliens, the movie was a fun lighthearted family friendly movie with a tale of unusual friendships, the aliens were adorably funny, a must-see movie this summer. Luis And The Aliens is in cinemas on the 24th August.

The Jungle Book

We were super excited to head to Greenwich Theatre in London to watch the adaption of The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book follows young Mowgli who was raised by a pack of wolves, but Mowgli soon finds himself pursued by the monkeys who want Mowgli to make them human, but Mowgli's jungle friends Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther, are not far behind ready to protect Mowgli from the cheeky monkeys and fierce tiger Shere Khan.

This adaption of The Jungle Book was brought to life by the fabulous actors who had an amazing stage presence, beautiful percussion, and new songs. The Jungle Book is perfect for Jungle Book fans old and new. The Jungle Book is on at the Greenwich Theatre from 15 AUG - 26 AUG 2018. check out


I always find I need to adjust my skin care routine through the seasons, in the winter my skin can get quite dry, but in the summer my skin gets very oily. Here are some top tips to help keep your 
skin moisturised and healthy throughout the year.

1. Avoid unnecessary chemicals: Some fragrances and colours are skin irritants and have no actual benefits for the skin, the use of creams and shower gels will very much depend on your skin type, I tend to use Sanex Zero % range as it contains no colourants or parabens which makes it kinder on the skin.

2. Avoid low-fat diets: we all know how important it is to have a healthy balanced diet.  Choose healthy fats for healthy cell function – these can be added into your diet through foods such as avocados, fish, nuts and seeds and plant oils such as flax and hemp. Try and avoid processed margarine. If you’re going to have butter then make it organic natural butter which has less synthetic ingredients.

3. Try light exercise: Getting up and moving daily will boost circulation, and getting your muscles moving will increase your levels of ‘happy’ hormones or endorphins and blood flow. This, in turn, will give your skin a lovely healthy glow. I try and exercise, but when it's not possible a brisk stroll normally helps me feel much better.

4. Get an early night: Lack of sleep increases the visible appearance of ageing, such as dark circles caused by sluggish circulation. Try to avoid your mobile phone or tablet at least an hour before going to bed and try to get a good night’s sleep.

5. Reduce sugar intake: A high intake of sugar can cause an inflammatory reaction within the skin resulting in a whole host of skin conditions, from acne and rosacea to premature ageing and dry skin. I recently cut sugar from all my hot drinks it's been hard, but I defiantly feel much better for it.

6. Curb the caffeine: Too much coffee or caffeinated drinks can put extra stress on the liver and digestive system which impacts your body’s natural detoxification process, a build-up of toxins can have a negative effect on the health of your skin causing issues such as dry skin, redness and sensitivity.

7. Skincare shouldn't stop at your face: There can often be a temptation to focus on the health of the skin on our faces but we must remember that the whole body is covered in skin which is the largest organ of your body – so we need to make sure we are giving it the care it deserves. check out Sarah Chapman she has some amazing skin care tips.

Overnight Oats with Fresh Cherries

It’s now the British cherry season, which is great as we all love fresh cherries, and there's nothing quite like some juicy cherries which make the perfect snack any time of the day,  not only do they taste amazing they are also packed with vitamin C and full of antioxidants including melatonin which helps promote a natural sleep. what better way to start the day in this hot weather than with some cool overnight oats topped with my favourite fresh cherries.

25/30g oats
1/2 cup milk/almond milk (or enough liquid to cover the oats)
2 tablespoons honey to sweeten (you can use natural sweeteners if desired)
2/3 tablespoons of thick greek honey yogurt
Fresh destoned British Cherries
Add additional fruit if desired: fresh strawberries/blueberries


  • Soak your oast overnight to allow them to soften and sweets.
  • Add your sweetener and stir through, I like to use honey or a cheeky spoon of golden syrup
  • Serve into a bowl with a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt, add your cherries/berries mixt, I like to use juicy plump cherries with a few blueberries and strawberries. the perfect breakfast for this time of the year, full of cool juicy sweetness.    

Some Amazing Cherry Facts:
Britain’s cherry season runs from June to September, You can get your hands on a number of varieties that ripen at different times. ‘Mercant’ cherries are available now and can be distinguished by their dark red skin and large size, followed by others including exclusive English variety ‘Penny’, and ‘Kordia’ and ‘Sweetheart’, which ripens towards the end of the season. Legend has it that you can trace the route of old Roman Roads in Britain by looking out for wild cherry trees. It has been suggested that Roman legions spat out the stones from the fruit as they marked through Britain.

“This post is an entry for the BritMums #lovefreshcherries Challenge, sponsored by Love Fresh Cherries (Instagram: @LoveFreshCherries).”


regents park

Have you ever asked yourself, What is the meaning or  purpose of  your life?” We all live in a world where we wish and yearn for our dreams to come true, but we all gradually become ‘realistic’ and
learn to settle. Overtime, however, we can lose our zest for life.  Here are five signs you’re not fully embracing your life:

1. Your comfort zone is anything but comforting – ensconcing yourself from your dreams for the sake of ‘comfort’ involves learning to expect the worst from life. This allows us to avoid disappointment. The sense of suffocation from living in your comfort zone (it practically charges you rent now) does more harm than good.
Solution – Try something new: it could be as simple a going home via another route, buying different
clothes, drinking different things, or dining at a restaurant you’ve had pinned for months.

2. You’re stuck in a rut – thumbing through your Facebook feed, you feel everyone is loving their best life but you. You know you should feel grateful for the things you have, but you feel everyone is speeding ahead in the rat-race of life.
Solution – Challenge yourself: plan to do something different that breaks-up your routine and
challenges your own perception of yourself. Sign-up to a marathon, learn a new language or pick-up
an instrument. Find new passions and interests to reinvigorate your daily life.

Micheal kors bag

3. You look back on your life and feel you haven’t achieved anything – side-barring your own dreams and giving them a permanent residency on the backburner.
Solution – Get a life coach: welcoming someone who is armed with the tools you desperately need to
hit the refresh button on your life – to offer you the guidance and strength to find your greater purpose in life and rekindle your aspirations.

4. You watch the days drift by– the feeling of disconnection and discomfort can make anyone feel misaligned from the daily rhythm of life. Playing it safe has become the go-to and wanting something more than what you have makes you feel uncertain.
Solution – Think of your dying day: what would you do on your final day on this Earth? Who would you see? What would you do? What do you want to have achieved? These questions allow us to figure out what is important in our lives and set the goals to make this happen.

5. You always feel low-level bored with everything and have 0 motivation to get going – the weather forecast might be sunny, but it always feels grey and overcast.
Solution – Get over your fear: remember, a desire to live well and achieve dreams is more important
than the fear of not trying new things.

The article is courtesy of  Carole Ann Rice from Real Coaching Co is one of the UK’s leading life coaches and personal development.

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