Monday 27 August 2018


We are very lucky that most of our children are growing up in an age of environmental awareness, most families and schools do a great job in helping children learn about the effects on our environment and how we all can play an individual role within our homes and communities to make those small but well-needed changes.

Its also great to see local communities such as mine encouraging residents to take care of their local communities and recycle and keep the environment clean, most residential communities have regular monthly meetings, which residents can keep in touch with whats happening in the local area and contribute from taking part in street cleaning days to tackling other environmental issues, its always useful to contact your local council and keep in touch with whats happening locally, Its great to be able to help and make small contributions and feel part of the community.

Nowadays many large and small business organisations are working with schools and local communities to promote environmental awareness, the Air and Homecare Recycling Programme offer special boxes where pupils can drop packaging that is not usually recycled locally, and send it off to TerraCycle where the waste is reused, upcycled or recycled, instead of being incinerated or sent to landfill, Glasdon UK  also has some amazing educational advice to encourage you to recycle and reuse check out their E-Book for more information.

Here are some tips that you can do at home and with your community:

Start a Monthly Meet Up - attend you local residents meetings, if you don't have any locally then start one up its the perfect way to come together with like-minded residents to make those positive environmental changes from local park, river or beach clean-ups.

Reycyle: Recycle paper, plastic and glass. this will help reduce your garbage by 10% and your carbon footprint.

Charity: Donate your old clothes and home goods instead of throwing them out and if you need something, consider buying used items.

Sign up to Streetbank: Streetbank is a website that lets groups create a bank of handy items where people can borrow items easily from their neighbours.

Go paperless: change your paper bills to online billing, and read documents online instead of printing them

Reuse: Use reusable bottles for water and reusable mugs for coffee, and  reusable bags when you shop

Make your own compost:  use your kitchen scraps and turn them into fertilizer for your garden

Buy local: where possible reduce the distance from farm to fork. Buy straight from the farm, frequent your local farmers’ market, or join a local food co-op.

Buy organic: where possible buy organic foods to keep your body and the environment free of toxic pesticides

Do have any more hints or tips on what we could do to help our local environment!