Wednesday 1 August 2018


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Have you ever asked yourself, What is the meaning or  purpose of  your life?” We all live in a world where we wish and yearn for our dreams to come true, but we all gradually become ‘realistic’ and
learn to settle. Overtime, however, we can lose our zest for life.  Here are five signs you’re not fully embracing your life:

1. Your comfort zone is anything but comforting – ensconcing yourself from your dreams for the sake of ‘comfort’ involves learning to expect the worst from life. This allows us to avoid disappointment. The sense of suffocation from living in your comfort zone (it practically charges you rent now) does more harm than good.
Solution – Try something new: it could be as simple a going home via another route, buying different
clothes, drinking different things, or dining at a restaurant you’ve had pinned for months.

2. You’re stuck in a rut – thumbing through your Facebook feed, you feel everyone is loving their best life but you. You know you should feel grateful for the things you have, but you feel everyone is speeding ahead in the rat-race of life.
Solution – Challenge yourself: plan to do something different that breaks-up your routine and
challenges your own perception of yourself. Sign-up to a marathon, learn a new language or pick-up
an instrument. Find new passions and interests to reinvigorate your daily life.

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3. You look back on your life and feel you haven’t achieved anything – side-barring your own dreams and giving them a permanent residency on the backburner.
Solution – Get a life coach: welcoming someone who is armed with the tools you desperately need to
hit the refresh button on your life – to offer you the guidance and strength to find your greater purpose in life and rekindle your aspirations.

4. You watch the days drift by– the feeling of disconnection and discomfort can make anyone feel misaligned from the daily rhythm of life. Playing it safe has become the go-to and wanting something more than what you have makes you feel uncertain.
Solution – Think of your dying day: what would you do on your final day on this Earth? Who would you see? What would you do? What do you want to have achieved? These questions allow us to figure out what is important in our lives and set the goals to make this happen.

5. You always feel low-level bored with everything and have 0 motivation to get going – the weather forecast might be sunny, but it always feels grey and overcast.
Solution – Get over your fear: remember, a desire to live well and achieve dreams is more important
than the fear of not trying new things.

The article is courtesy of  Carole Ann Rice from Real Coaching Co is one of the UK’s leading life coaches and personal development.