Britain's Best Skylanders Player - Competition

This August, GAME stores up and down the country will be hosting a competition to find
Britain’s Best Skylanders Player ! Each entrant (who must be aged between 6 and 12) can bring along their favourite Skylander and play in the knock out tournament, with the winner determined over the course of three battle mode games. 

The winning individual from each regional GAME store will be automatically entered in to the final taking place at this year’s Lollibop Festival at the Olympic Victoria Park, London on 16th August.  The winner of the grand final will then be given the coveted title of Britain’s Best Skylanders Player as well as win a host of special Skylanders goodies!

To take part, parents must register their children in advance. They can do this by either popping in to their nearest participating store, or tweeting the store’s twitter handle to register their child for the event. The full list of stores and dates are below:

Edinburgh - 32 St James Centre, , Edinburgh, Lothian, EH1 3SL
7th August 2013
Swansea - Unit 2, The Pod, Morfa Retail Park, Swansea, SA1 7DF
7th  August 2013
Manchester - Unit 59, Arndale Centre, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 3AB
8th August 2013
Bristol - Unit LR53, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, Avon, BS34 5GG
8th  August 2013
Nottingham - Unit 308A, Victoria Centre, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 3QN
9th  August 2013
Southampton  - Unit SU8, West Quay Centre, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1QD
9th August 2013
Birmingham - Unit SU312, Bullring, Birmingham, B5 4BU
10th August 2013
London (Hamleys)  - 188-196 Regent Street, London, W1B 5BT 
10th August 2013
Watford - Unit 38, The Harlequin Centre, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 2TH
11th August 2013
Thurrock - Unit 106, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock, Essex, RM16 1WT
11th August 2013

For more information about Skylanders please visit  and to find out more about your local tournament visit  
To find out what the Skylanders team will be doing at Lollibop visit



FaceD 3-Luronics - Face Cream Review

As I head into my mid thirties I have been noticing a few fine lines appear ..... and over the years my skin has slowly changed.....As I attempt to hold back the time of aging by exercising and using various facial creams and serums, I'm always looking best product to help keep my skin youthful......So I was ever so delighted to try FaceD 3-Luronics face cream.

FaceD 3-Luronics is the Bestselling Italian face cream and claims wrinkle reduction short and long term with increased luminosity and firmness....Following its Italian launch FaceD 3-Luronics sold out within a week of going on the shelf's in a Milan store. Trails on women have proven long term and short term benefits, By tightening pores, brightening skin, and wrinkles appear less visible.

FaceD 3-Luronics underwent 18 months of scientific research into the development and formation the cream has three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid its higher weight molecules insure that the effects are visible from first application combating signs of tiredness and the super lightweight molecules act deep into the skin to hydrate and revitalise and re-structure the skin over time and is suitable for all skin types ... I cannot wait to get testing.

I'm only a two days in and I'm really loving this can immediately feel the smooth velvety texture on my skin its a fantastic make up base and feels super lightweight and velvety to the touch and my skin feels very hydrated...I cant wait to use FaceD 3-Luronics in my skin care regime over the next few weeks, I will share my overall thoughts in a few weeks time.

FaceD 3-Luronics is exclusively available at Lloyds Pharmacy.

For More Information Visit Lloyds pharmacy - FaceD 3-Luronics Facial Cream

I have been given the  FaceD 3-Luronics to review...all thoughts are that of my own and I have not been instructed in what I write.

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End Of Term School Trip - #MagicMoments

I took leave from work last week to attend my boys end of term school trip....the whole school went to Greenwich park and onto the emigrates cable cars which cross over to the O2,

I must say I was a little nervous on going on the cable cars especially as in the past I had often passed by the in car and made a pledge "There would be no way I would ever go on those!!!!"

And there I was about to board....Thinking what was I doing!!...nerves aside I got on!!!!

Unfortunately my eldest son had to stay with his class during the trip.... but I was able to join my youngest son on the cable car...I was so transfixed on the height at first and but then I stopped and concentrated on the amazing views of was very high up but the views were amazing.

I was glad I got on it was a fantastic experience.....We then headed for Greenwich seamed to take ages to get there via the various trains and interchanges.....when we finally did it was nice to catch up with my eldest son who joined us for lunch... we played in the park before for a while before heading back to school.....a very long hot day out with my boys on their end of term trip.....But an unforgettable one too.

Excited !!!

Amazing Views of London

Very High up !!!

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How very true is this x

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Can A TV Be Too Big

I like nothing more then putting my feet up after a hard days work and and watching the TV, I call it me time.... when the kids are in bed and I can flick thought and settle down to watch something other then kids channels.

We have had our TV for many years now and to be honest I want to to update to a flat screen TV. Although we have a smaller newer 16 inch TV in the bedroom..which is great when me and hubby want to watch different channels.

I wouldn't mind a larger TV But we don't have much more space in our living room. .....But can a TV be too big.... currently we have a medium sized TV I would say around 26 inches which in fairness is just the right side for our space...But I do know of family and friends who have quite large TVs 40/42 Inches... which is great especially for movies and game play.

But it does pose the question can a TV be too big...Well I guess it depends.......Having a huge TV in my living room would be crazy as we just don't have the space .... But if we had more space maybe we would opt for a larger TV. Its a matter of taste and space I guess.

With the vast range of TVs on the market there is so much choice...Most people really like to research a big buy such as a TV as its a long term investment, and something most of us use all the time.

Its all a bit mystifying for me so much has changed over the years in regards to TVs and how the technology has moved on TV can do so much more...I would need to read the specifications and instructions to even begin to understand the amazing amount of things a TV's can do....That's why it was left up to hubby to purchase the TV in the bedroom...All I know is the size I want and how I would like it to look like...I guess at least I have the hubby to keep me on track.

This is a sponsored post.

FX Cosmetics - Review

I was more then delighted to sample and review FX cosmetics. I first saw FX Cosmetics at the UMW Show... so I was very excited about sampling them at home.
 FX Cosmetics pride themselves on offering a vast product range which are free from animal testing, eco friendly and only made using natural mineral ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals and alcohol and paraben free.

An amazing package arrived though my door. FX Cosmetics packaging is dramatic and unique. I really loved the pillow puff which is fantastic.... as it distributes the make up evenly leaving a streak free look, It also saves having to carry a spare make up brush when on the go....And a great plus side is that you have a mirror on the lid....perfect packaging.

I adored the Face & Mineral Bronzer which is suitable for the body and face..It comes in a varied range if shades to suit every skin tone. I opted for the Berry with Gold shade which is very beautiful, The amazing pillow puff releases a very subtle luminous tanned look with a light reflecting glitter effect, It looked beautiful and gave an amazing subtle glow...which was perfect and not to over the top like some bronzer a I have previously used...I loved it so much I will defiantly be purchasing again. A make up must have.

Mineral Foundation - Ivory
Love love love....I have tried many mineral foundations over the years from very well know brands to high street brands and I have never really got on well with them...But when I used this Ivory shade and the amazing powder puff gave me perfect coverage which was streak free the foundation went on perfectly and gave me an even skin tone. Easy to use with great coverage... FX Mineral Foundation also has an SPF 15.

Face & Body Mineral Bronzer in Stardust this bronzer has an amazing subtle
glow which gives a nice healthy appearance...this is amazing in shade with a pinkish tone which is very subtle and luminous with a light reflecting effect...great for defining my cheek bones.

Pro Long Wear Lipgloss
FX cosmetics lip gloss comes in various range of shades I opted for desert amazing deep yet warm colour...what is great about the lip gloss is it is duel ended with the lasting gloss and light reflective clear gloss which was very silky, which makes and easy to use and gave me the perfect pout.

FX Cosmetics have an amazing range of cosmetics...I cant wait to try the amazing Pro Palettes.
 for more information Visit FX Cosmetics

I received some products free and part paid for some products...All views and opinions are that of my own and I have not been instructed in what I write.


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#Magicmoments - Big Boy Bikes

My husband and myself took the boys on Saturday to choose their new bikes......its there first big boys stabilisers in sight....They were very excited as there were so many to choose from but finally settled on BMX in black...They haven't stopped talking about them and can't wait to go to collect the bikes after school today......Its a magic moment to see then growing and changing into big boys...another stage of their lives....We cant wait to take them out later...I will post some pictures of them later.


Making it easier for people to donate their zakat money
Outside of the Muslim community, zakat is a little heard term.  However within the Muslim community, zakat forms a vital part of culture and religion.
So what is zakat?
Zakat is the third of the five pillars of faith.  As a member of the Muslim faith you must carry out five duties.
They are;
A Muslim must have faith and confirm that ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.’
Muslims must fast during the month of Ramadan.
Five times a day a Muslim must engage in prayer facing towards Mecca.
When physically and financially able a Muslim must make a pilgrimage to Mecca.  If able, this has to be taken at least one in a Muslims lifetime.
Each Muslim must pay zakat, in the form of a charitable donation.
Zakat is a tax; every Muslim must pay a 2.5% zakat on their savings.  It is given to those less able, new Muslims, charity funds, and anyone who is deemed as being ‘poor or helpless’.  
How to pay zakat.
There are thousands of charities to choose from when deciding where to pay your zakat.  However, Just Giving has made it remarkably simple to actually complete the process.  You can use one of the numerous online calculators to work out how much zakat you are obliged to pay, and then head over to the site to choose one of the charities to support.
Benefits of using Just Giving to pay Zakat
If you use Just Giving to pay your Zakat you have the benefit of being able to choose from over 8,000 charities and projects.
Donating through the site is simple, easy and remarkably painless; just have your payment details to hand.
Just Giving reclaim 25% gift aid back from the HMRC, so your zakat contribution goes even further.

If you want to keep your donation private, Just Giving makes it easy to hide your details.  You can make your zakat contribution anonymously.

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End of Term - Teacher Gifts

It's that time of the year again...,Another term has ended and after the summer holidays my boys will be moving up to another year.....In my case my boys will be moving up to year 3 & hasn't time flown.

We always try to give a small token gift as a thank you to the teachers every year....which can prove a little expensive at times....So this year...we made out own gifts (and as I like to make jewellery) I had a few things we could use.
And here is what we made

Teacher Thank You Gift Bracelets.

It hard not to give gifts to the teachers who have put of much effort into teaching and helping our children achieve....There has been some occasions I have purchased flowers and chocolates and other times some chocolates to really depends...on the financial situation at that time...And how many teachers do we need to give gifts to..I don't feel pressured into giving gifts and we give them because we want to...What gift if any.... do you give to your children teachers!!!


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Naturepaint - Review

Naturepaint is an amazing paint that comes in a dry powder form, which means is suitable for sending though the post......So no more trips to the local DIY store.....Naturepaint comes in recyclable packaging enabling you to dispose of the packaging in an eco-friendly manner.

Naturepaint is very easy to use...Just empty the required powder into a mixing bowl then add the recommended amount of warm water and stir, you can then leave the mixture to thicken for about 20 minutes.....before I used the paint I gave it another good mix and poured it into a paint was that simple

I painted the walls using a roller and the paint went on very easily..and gave an excellent coverage I was very impressed...even my boys got stuck in and help paint.

What I love about Naturepaint is its simplicity.... plus it comes in a range of amazing colours to suit every ones taste...I'm really please with the results that Naturepaint has given me, and I would use again.

NaturePaint is available in two pack sizes

1kg when mixed with 1.5 litres of water will make 2.5 litres of paint, this costs £19.95
80g when mixed with 120ml of water will make 200ml of paint, this costs £3.95

For more information please visit NaturePaint 

Join in the Celebrations at Yorkshire Day 2013


Once again Wentbridge House near Pontefract is celebrating ‘all things Yorkshire’ with the return of their hugely popular Yorkshire Day event.

Yorkshire Day takes place every year on Thursday 1st August and includes a wide range of activities for all the family to enjoy. Gates open from 12 noon and entry is completely free.



Wentbridge House is a luxury, 4 star country house hotel located in the village of Wentbridge on the outskirts of Pontefract in West Yorkshire. You can find our more information about the hotel and Yorkshire Day by visiting the hotel website at or by following Wentbridge House on Twitter or Facebook.

Images Courtesy of Image-i-Nation Photography 

This post is a charity event that I have been asked to share I have not received any payment of gift of any kind for this post.


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