Wednesday 17 July 2013

Can A TV Be Too Big

I like nothing more then putting my feet up after a hard days work and and watching the TV, I call it me time.... when the kids are in bed and I can flick thought and settle down to watch something other then kids channels.

We have had our TV for many years now and to be honest I want to to update to a flat screen TV. Although we have a smaller newer 16 inch TV in the bedroom..which is great when me and hubby want to watch different channels.

I wouldn't mind a larger TV But we don't have much more space in our living room. .....But can a TV be too big.... currently we have a medium sized TV I would say around 26 inches which in fairness is just the right side for our space...But I do know of family and friends who have quite large TVs 40/42 Inches... which is great especially for movies and game play.

But it does pose the question can a TV be too big...Well I guess it depends.......Having a huge TV in my living room would be crazy as we just don't have the space .... But if we had more space maybe we would opt for a larger TV. Its a matter of taste and space I guess.

With the vast range of TVs on the market there is so much choice...Most people really like to research a big buy such as a TV as its a long term investment, and something most of us use all the time.

Its all a bit mystifying for me so much has changed over the years in regards to TVs and how the technology has moved on TV can do so much more...I would need to read the specifications and instructions to even begin to understand the amazing amount of things a TV's can do....That's why it was left up to hubby to purchase the TV in the bedroom...All I know is the size I want and how I would like it to look like...I guess at least I have the hubby to keep me on track.

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