Monday 22 July 2013

End Of Term School Trip - #MagicMoments

I took leave from work last week to attend my boys end of term school trip....the whole school went to Greenwich park and onto the emigrates cable cars which cross over to the O2,

I must say I was a little nervous on going on the cable cars especially as in the past I had often passed by the in car and made a pledge "There would be no way I would ever go on those!!!!"

And there I was about to board....Thinking what was I doing!!...nerves aside I got on!!!!

Unfortunately my eldest son had to stay with his class during the trip.... but I was able to join my youngest son on the cable car...I was so transfixed on the height at first and but then I stopped and concentrated on the amazing views of was very high up but the views were amazing.

I was glad I got on it was a fantastic experience.....We then headed for Greenwich seamed to take ages to get there via the various trains and interchanges.....when we finally did it was nice to catch up with my eldest son who joined us for lunch... we played in the park before for a while before heading back to school.....a very long hot day out with my boys on their end of term trip.....But an unforgettable one too.

Excited !!!

Amazing Views of London

Very High up !!!

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