Saturday 6 July 2013

End of Term - Teacher Gifts

It's that time of the year again...,Another term has ended and after the summer holidays my boys will be moving up to another year.....In my case my boys will be moving up to year 3 & hasn't time flown.

We always try to give a small token gift as a thank you to the teachers every year....which can prove a little expensive at times....So this year...we made out own gifts (and as I like to make jewellery) I had a few things we could use.
And here is what we made

Teacher Thank You Gift Bracelets.

It hard not to give gifts to the teachers who have put of much effort into teaching and helping our children achieve....There has been some occasions I have purchased flowers and chocolates and other times some chocolates to really depends...on the financial situation at that time...And how many teachers do we need to give gifts to..I don't feel pressured into giving gifts and we give them because we want to...What gift if any.... do you give to your children teachers!!!