Sunday 2 September 2018


Fuzzikins travelling adventure campervan allows your kids to be imaginative and creative all in one cool toy, featuring two cute Fuzzikin cats which can be decorated with the washable pens, giving your creative kids the opportunity to wash and redecorate over and over to create their our own cool cat designs,

Inside you also get a selection of fun stickers that you can colour and then use to customise the campervan.

Inside the campervan, there is plenty of space for the cats sit and enjoy a meal or have a quick nap, as the campervan had its very own pull-down bed and a removable surfboard for the Fuzzikins cat's adventures.

This imaginative craft set is absolutely amazing and kids will love it, all neatly contained in a handy carry case for on the go fun.

The Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case is only £19.99 rrp, the perfect gift for children aged 4 and over.