Thursday 30 May 2013

Our Half Term Week

It's been a hectic but lovely half term week on Monday we headed for Brighton On Sea.... I haven't been for many years so was looking forward to the day trip and some sea was a glorious sunny day, we headed out on to the pier and went on some of the fair ground rides...explored the beach and had great fun, and no trip to the beach would be complete without fish and chips....yummy.
The shops that were alongside the beach were amazing so much handcrafted art and mini boutiques we spent most of the day exploring and enjoying the pebbled beach and soaking up the sun..... a lovely day with the family...I must say I was totally exhausted after our trip as we reached home late evening after stopping off for a Chinese meal.
I headed off to work on the Tuesday...To be honest I really don't know how i made it through the day.

On the Wednesday and Thursday I was lucky enough to start work early at 8am to 11am so I could head off the our local sports centre to support and watch my eldest son, of whom I'm so proud of as he was chosen by local sports coaches to attend a two day training exercise to look at his sports skills and try and new sports activities,
Whilst my youngest son chilled out with his dad having a couple of boys days... lunch and going to the movies and gym (he really loved it) and cant stop doing dumbbells with the barbell........ ooooh no looks like I'm going to have another gym lover in my house......
A totally exhausting week...I intend to chill out as much as I can this weekend before the school run and rush of Sunday evening.

A great yet very busy half term x