Wednesday 12 September 2012

Food Allergies

I was fortunate to attend a very interesting Breakfast Briefing at The Southbank Centre - London
with Doctor Hilary Jones on Food Allergies.

DR Hilary Jones

The EAACI-European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology has lunched a campaign to increase awareness of food allergies in school aged children,
The EAACI has found through its research.

•Allergies including life threatening allergies have increased 7-fold in the last ten years.
•A third of all allergic shocks occur for the first time in school.
•Most school Teacher and support staff are unprepared on how to handle food allergies and reactions

Purpose of campaign is to raise awareness of food allergies in general including Triggers and Treatment.
The EAACI is also working closely with EU authorities
to improve food labelling.

Further information
EACCI- managemenent of allergic children at school.pdf

What is an allergy
An adverse reaction to proteins found in Food or Environmental Factors.


Wasp/Bee sting
Grass/Tree Pollen
Dust Mites

Protein are called allergens and are generally harmless, but Adults/Children who suffer with allergies will react to a specific allergen and may suffer from some of the symptom below.

Symptoms can range from
Skin inflammation,Breathlessness,Sneezing,Runny Nose, Wheezing,Eczema
And in severe cases anaphylaxis shock (an extreme reaction).

Anaphylaxis Shock
An extreme allergic reaction to Food or environmental factors some of these symptoms
may be present/but not all

Flushed/blotching skin
Difficult breathing-swelling throat and mouth
Wheeze Gasp for air
Face/Neck may swell
Severe asthma
Abdominal Pain

More symptoms are available via NHS

Anaphylaxis-NHS Symptoms

Get emergency help and resuscitate if necessary.

Allergy Testing
The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence - NICE  guidelines recommend that all children with persistent or recurrent and servere allergies should offer a blood test to identify which foods are causing the allergic reaction.
for more information on allergies and blood testing visit

It's important to seek medical advice from you GP on any allergic reactions you may have a concern for.
The GP will then be able to offer you advice and may to perform skin/patch testing.
Get emergency help in severe cases.

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