Monday 3 March 2014

Seaside Fun

Running though the fountain.

It's not really the norm for us to head to the seaside during the winter months, as normally we would wait until it's summer.
But my husband decided it would be a fun to head down to the seaside.

We arrived early evening I was expecting to see the place quite deserted, but to my surprise there was a fair few people taking winter strolls and the shops along the seafront were open to.

The weather was very cold and blustery but after a run across the beach and a few giggles, we soon forgot about the cold, The boys had a great time, and certainly made the most if the empty open space.
We then headed for some scrumptious fish & chips a very welcomed stop from the wind. We sat chatted and enjoyed each others company and of course the yummy food.

It was an amazing moment and one which is stored in the family memory bank.
For some reason I love night time motorway driving and enjoyed the darkness of the night as hubby drove us home.
A wonderful magic moment.

Yummy fish & chips...No seaside trip would be completed without it.

Capturing the moment.

Seaside at night.

Great Fun.