Monday 17 June 2013

Our Fathers Day #magicmoment

Another Father's Day has just passed and we spend our day together enjoying each others company......The day began with flowers and chocy's for a dad,
We then headed for a stroll around the park, our fathers day gift was a nice meal at Wok & Grill which is a Chinese restaurant the food was lovely and we had a great time together...I love eating out with my family not only the fact I don't have to cook which is always a bonus...But its a nice bonding time too.

Another magic moment
My extra mini Magic moment is to join in with this linky...yay... which has been very hard to do as I have been tied up with work and work dilemmas so my focus has been else where...which is nothing drastic but I'm trying to make some changes to suit my family life and it's not easy with still lots of decisions to be made, I want to work term time for my children yet this has lots of pros and cons to which I'm weighing up. (I will share when everything is settled) I have really missed not joining in my favourite linky's.