Saturday 29 June 2013

Madd Gear Pro Scooters - Review

We were delight to receive these amazing scooters Madd Gear Pro scooters from Skates.These amazing scooters come in awesome array of colours and are very strong and sturdy.

My boys were absolutely delighted with the style of the Madd Gear Pro scooters as there are so many amazing colours to choose from......My boy's couldn't wait to get out and about on there brand new scooters and give them a test run...The Madd Gear Pro lived up to all our expectations as Madd Gear Pro scooters are amazingly smooth and safe.
My boys have had a few scooters over the years and they say these ones are there best ever.

Lots Of Whizzing Along

Madd Gear are well known for only using high-quality materials when constructing their scooters. The bars have been constructed from chromoly (stronger, lighter alternative to steel). A high-quality Krunk triple clamp has been selected to ensure your bars don't wobble when riding.

Catch me if you can.

The reinforced deck has been built with a concave to allow you to easily grind on the deck.
The Madd Gear Pro scooter has been fitted with long lasting wheels which provide great grip when riding. Inside the wheel are ZXZ-C Pro bearings which have been designed to give a smooth, comfortable ride. It also has a flexi brake system...The scooters weight is approx 4.5g and suitable for ages 8+.

Racing along.

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We received these amazing scooters to review...All thoughts and opinions are that of our own and we have not been instructed in what we write.