Saturday 5 March 2016

Looking For The Perfect WorkSpace


Things can get a little crazy in my house! We have one laptop well, its my laptop, but the kids ask for it to complete their home work or to search online for various projects. My eldest will soon be starting secondary school, and from my sister's experience the homework will be plentiful! So with this in mind I definitely have to start thinking about investing in another laptop or PC for the kids, although if I had my way I would like a nice office space especially for me.


I tend to do most of my work late evening when the kids are in bed, I set myself up on the leather recliner for the evening and on goes the laptop perched on my lap whilst I beaver away, I often find myself sitting like this surrounded by my notepad and mobile and of course a few munchies; All whist catching up with the latest TV shows.


If I could have the opportunity to sit in the local park on those warm summer days or even relax at the local coffee shop it would be a great place to get away and concentrate in a completely relaxing environment.

home office

But like most working mums this just doesn't happen. The only time I get is the evening, so more than anything it would be great to have a workstation where I can focus and get my work completed, and then chill out when the work was done rather than trying to do both. Its definitely given me some refection time on how I work, as well as the importance for us to have a family workstation. Its something we will be thinking about in the near future.

This post has been possible thanks to Dell and coincides with the launch of the powerful Dell "XPS"13 laptop, which features cutting edge performance perfect for any situation in work or play. However all thoughts and content are my own.