Tuesday 15 March 2016

NutriKids Books

Having my own children and working with children, I have loads of experience of trying to encourage children to try new foods, especially when it comes to vegetables.It was a real pleasure to read the NutriKids range of books which encourage children to make healthy food choices. There are six books available with more coming soon

Connie Carrot 
Ava Avocado
Billy Blueberry
Sammy Spinach
Penelope Pea
Benjamin Broccoli 

The NutriKids books are designed and created Sam Bourne and is based on her own personal experience as a parent, combining her nutritional expertise with simple stories that she knew her own two children could relate to.

NutriKids Story Books

Each of the NutriKids books shares a fun engaging story which children can relate to, as well as some important health benefits and nutritional facts that enable children to make healthier food choices and understand these why foods play an important part of our diet. I really like the books they are fun yet informative, each book also has recipe ideas which you and your child can do together.I can really see the amazing benefits of these books and I know how useful yet fun they will be.

The  NutriKids books are available to purchase at www.waterstones.co.uk and www.nutrikids.co and cost £3.99 each.