Tuesday 22 March 2016

Zoingo Boingo - Review

Zoingo Boingo pogo

We were really excited to get the opportunity to test out the cool Zoingo Boingo from Flair, The Zoingo Boingo is a cool bouncy pogo which lets you bounce and jump  wherever you like, you can ever jump and freestyle
Zoingo Boingo unboxed

The Zoingo Boingo comes deflated, but it's really simple to inflate using an air pump, inside the box is an instruction to guide on how big you should inflate the Zoingo Boingo. Once inflated you are ready to get bouncing, simply by balancing your feet on either side of the sure grip footpad whilst gripping your feet close to the ball, you then have to get your balance and gently bounce. the elastic Zoingo cord and grip handles help you keep control and balance whilst you hop along.

Zoingo Boingo in action

It's really easy to get the Zoingo Boingo to hop along in any direction simply by leaning in the direction you wish to go.Zoingo Boingo is strong and sturdy which means you can bounce on both the pavement and grass. It takes a little practice to get a good balance, but once you are confident you can bounce anywhere.

Zoingo Boingo jumping

The Zoingo Boingo comes in three different colours, Orange, Yellow, Green. We love the flexibility of the Zoingo Boingo, it has given us loads of fun as we have been having to challenge each other to who can stay on the Zoingo Boingo the longest.

Zoingo Boingo is suitable for children from 7 years and over and retails at £24.99. from all good Toy Stores and  Amazon Uk Zoingo Boingo Freestyle Pogo Toy*

We received the Zoingo Boingo to share our thoughts on this product, all thoughts are honest and of our own opinion. We have also added an affiliated
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