Friday 11 March 2016

Busy - Word Of The Week

busy owl

It's been a very busy week and has passed in a blur, I found myself working late into the early hours of the morning a couple of nights in a row to complete some work deadlines and with the early morning starts to get the kids to breakfast club it has taken a toil on my body.

Although I did have a rare day off with my husband yesterday: we went out shopping and stopped for a krispy creme donut and hot chocolate with lashings of cream, that defiantly made my day, but saying that have started to feel my waistband trousers tightening due to my lack of exercise and consumption increase of cakes!!!!

This weekend we are heading to the Disney Zooptoplis screening, so I'm really looking forward to it as it will be a nice treat for the kids. I hope you have a great weekend whatever you are doing.

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