Sunday 13 March 2016

Disney Zootropolis - Judy's Police Cruiser and Carrot Recorder

Disney Zootropolis -  Police Cruiser and Carrot Recorder review

We were super excited to get our hands on some cool Zootropolis merchandise courtesy of Tomy Toys at the recent Zootropolois screening at Disney headquarters in London. To find our more about the movie and our thoughts click here

Judy's Police Cruiser

Zootropolis Police Cruiser

We couldn't wait to open this cool looking Police Cruiser.

Judy's Police Cruiser

Judy's police cruiser comes compleate with a figurine of Judy and a mini mouse thief.

Judys police cruiser with figurine

We love that the police cruiser opens and Judy can take her place at the wheel.

Zootropolis Police Cruiser prison cell

The back of the cruiser also opens to reveal a mini prison cell in the boot of the vehicle. 

Judys Police Cruiser with flashing lights judys police cruiser with flashing lights

when Judy's the cruiser is moved across the floor the lights flash form blue to red, Judy's police car is really cool, we cannot wait to collect the rest of the Zootropolis merchandise.

zootropolis toys from tomy toys

Judy's Carrot Recorder and Badge

Judys Carrot Recorder Tomy Toys

 If you have seen the Zooproopolis movie then you will know how much this little carrot assisted Judy to solve her first big case.

Judys Carrot Recorder and Badge

The carrot recorder is simple to use, it has an on-off button and a simple record and then play button to enable you to playback whatever you have said or heard, it also comes with this cool police badge, so you can re-enact your favourite Zootropolis scenes.

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