Tuesday 22 March 2016

Inside Our Home: Spring Garden Project

Tulips and Gypsophila plants

It's amazing what a difference a few plants can make to help transform you home, we live in a flat so we don't have a garden or outdoor space, So we were delighted to take part in the Spring Garden Project to see if we ould bring the outdoor inside by adding a touch of spring inside our home.

table space  window sill

Although I love flowers I only tend to buy them occasionally so this was a really good opportunity for me to add some spring blooms and see the difference they would make, It was amazing to see the difference in the before and after shots, the plants instantly brightened the room.

Tulips and Gypsophila table placements  Gypsophila plants

By simply adding these pretty plants it instantly brightens our window space, I also added some fresh tulips to our dining table area which added sweet scents and stunning flowers.

Orange Gypsophila plant  Pink Gypsophila plant

Having these plants and flowers in our living room has defiantly made me want to expand and add more plants throughout our home, Its amazing how beautiful and relaxing it is to have these around.
Pink and Orange Gypsophila flowers

These beautiful plants have made such a difference, the boys have even commented on how nice out living room looks now.

This post has been possible thanks to Ocean Loans Spring Garden Project which helps families celebrate spring inside and out.