Thursday 24 March 2016

When Things Go Wrong Whilst On The Road

BMW car

I love to be driven around although it's a shame I actually never learnt to drive. My husband tends to drive me everywhere I need to go so I have never really bothered.

A while back myself and my husband were driving back from a shopping trip, we suddenly noticed that the car began to drive differently, my husband could feel the car pulling over to one side, he knew something felt wrong, we managed to find a quite spot on the road where we were able to pull over, On checking the tyres we realised that we had s slow tyre puncture, the tyre was slightly softer than the others.

Car tyre

As the tyre was deflating slowly we managed to pull into a nearby petrol station and refill with air, we then headed straight to the local garage, once at the garage we were given the option to repair the tyre, but as was quite worn, they advised us to change it all together which we did. It is amazing what an impact something so simple can have on your day.

This post has been possible thanks to Point S Tyres the leading independent tyre dealer. However, all thoughts and content are my own.