Tuesday 8 March 2016

Family Entertainment

We are a very busy family and constantly on the go with work and after school clubs, it a never ending rollercoaster of to do’s, this means we can often have very little family time, so it's really important that we come together whenever we can, of course, we like going out and having adventures; but what we really love to do is get together for some family movie nights. When I know we are going to be spending some much-needed family time together; I will get in a selection of our favourite munchies, popcorn usually goes down well, on goes the leather recliners, the lights go off and we will all take our seats and huddle around the TV to watch a movie.

It can be difficult to choose which movie to watch as we all have different tastes, so taking it in turns in a must. I tend to like action adventure and the kids like animations and comedy, whilst my husband prefers to watch a classic movie from his childhood.

After some discussion on which movie it will be that evening, we sit back and relax and enjoy our evening together, we do tend to have small discussions throughout the movie but that's the beauty of being together catching up, I like nothing more than passing comments on what might happen next, but the fact we are all together doing something that we all love is great fun, and let’s face it you can only pass comment and chat when you are at home this simply would not be tolerated in the cinema.

When the movies are done and the kids are in bed, myself and my husband will watch a movie thriller or catch up on the latest soaps that we have missed during the week. For me there's something special about being home with the family, whether it's us all having fun playing on a game console, watching a movie or catching up on the latest TV shows, being at home together and surrounded with our home comforts is something I treasure.

This post has been possible thanks to Panasonic’s 4K Ultra HD TV which is the future of television with four times the resolution of HD, it's like having a cinema (only better) in your own home.
However, all thoughts and content are my own.