Thursday 10 October 2013

Bike Riding Fun

We love every opportunity to get out and about especially after school and on the weekends and will often plan our free time around spending some quality time together as a family......not that this is always possible with hubby having to work....Never the less its an important part of our lives to build on our family bond by spending as much time together as possible, embarking on adventures no matter how big or small.

There are so many ways to stay active together as a family and here is one of ours......
My boy's love nothing more then riding their bikes...we have been enjoying the last of the milder weather day's and taking every opportunity to get out and about.

We decided to head to our local park...its very spacious and has lots of winding paths to ride on.

Ready Steady Go! Race time.

We stopped for a snack.

Bike tricks.

Before a final whizz around the park.

They absolutely love riding their bikes and is defiantly one of their favourite pastimes..I must admit I'm not a very good bike rider at all......But Its a great way to get out and about and a fun way to stay active.  

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