Wednesday 9 October 2013

QV Skincare

My son has suffered from dry itchy skin on and off for the last few years,and he will often have flare ups, but he constantly has dry itchy patches behind his knees and on his arms ....I have tried most creams, but my son still used to scratch and itch his skin which caused a lot of inflammation of the skin.

So I was more then delighted to try QV Skincare range....I had never heard of this brand before so was delighted to try it out.

QV Stand for Qool Vince...the cool charter of the QV range...there is also an amazing 
Kids Zone on the QV Website...which has some awesome QV colouring in pictures.

When the QV Skincare Cream arrived,The first thing I loved was information booklet that came with it, which gave a run down of the whole QV range as well as hints and tips to help combat itchy skin....This information can be downloaded from the QV parent zone on the website, Plus you can request a free poster.

I also loved the QV stickers and chart which I thought was a fantastic way to encourage children to take care of their skin...the poster encourages a 4 week treatment plan which is fantastic... each day, twice a day your child will get a sticker every time they put on their cream or emollient....fantastic.

I started to use the cream twice a day including the bath wash and bath oil at every bath time, and i would use the emollient after bath times...To be honest within the first two weeks I started to feel the difference in my sons skin, I continued to cream him morning and before bed, and now I can honesty say that his skin has totally cleared up, The itchy lumps have disappeared from behind his knees and his skin is smooth, He no longer scratches his skin....I can't praise QV skin care regime enough...I most defiantly will be sticking with this amazing brand..... I'm delighted with the results and more then impressed.

We are going to continue the routine and use the skin lotion at least twice a day to keep the skin subtle and moist and will also stick with the bath wash...i'm very happy, as is my son.

Here are some of the products we used

QV Intensive Ointment
Highly emollient balm
Protects and soothes sore skin to promote healing
Preservative and water-free
Apply as often as required
Available in 450g

Qv Cream
A highly concentrated, rich moisturising cream
Ideal for areas that need extra hydration e.g. elbows and knees
Provides moisturisation and hydration for 24 hours or more
Can be used as often as required
Available in a handy 100g pack size – great for school bags
Available in 100 / 500 / 1050g

QV Skin Lotion -
A light, moisturising, all-over body lotion
Apply to affected areas as often as required
Also removes make-up
Available in 250 / 500m

QV Gentle Wash
A mild, foaming cleanser
pH balanced for sensitive skin
Simply massage in and rinse off
Also removes make-up
Available in 250 / 500ml

QV Bath Oil
Safe, non-slip formula
Disperses easily in water without leaving residue
Ideal for infants and the elderly
Simply add to the bath as required
Available in 250 / 500ml

For more information including Hint's and skin care tips and to purchase visit

Thank you so much QV, my sons skin looks and feel amazing.

We were given the QV Skincare to test and review...All thoughts are honest and that of our own.