Thursday 31 October 2013

Outside and Inside - Half Term Fun

As the weather turns colder although its still great to get out and about...But this week we found ourselves spending a little more time indoors, especially as the night draw in earlier....Although we headed out for a necessary shop...which the boys love, they have always been keen to help out and love to help at the checkout. 
After our shopping....We also headed for a scoot in the park to burn off some energy.

But as its been half term, and myself and hubby have been at work...So the boy's have been having some great fun indoors fun with grandma.

When Grandma comes around I can always rest assured the boy's will be entertained having lots and lots of gentle activities and games like drawing and more physical and active games.

They all had so much fun playing hide the Teddy Bear - Its grandma's take on her old childhood game "hide the thimble"...Everyone leaves the room..
Then the first player hides the Teddy players enter back into the room...The first player who hid the Bear uses the terms hot and cold to indicate how close they are to Teddy's hidden location ...This is a great game and has to be one of our family favourites...My sons love this game.....its a real giggle.

Of course when Grandma comes to boys love to challenge her to an interactive game...their favourite games are Racing and Wii Sports..this keeps them very active....But maybe a little to active, As grandma was completely knackered by the time I got home from work....never the less the boys still wanted to play some more and roped me into a game.

Grandma is always coming up with new and inventive active games, using the most simple equipment.....They all had great fun with this.... Indoor Basket Ball, Using rolled up paper and a small bucket...the challenge was on to see who could score the most shots...Fun active half term fun and games.

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