Tuesday 15 October 2013

SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Surveillance Binoculars

Wow....we couldn't wait to get these awesome SpyNet Ultra Vision Binoculars out of the box... they looked absolutely amazing.....and we were very intrigued to try them out as they have 5 amazing vision modes....

Day time surveillance mode
Record videos and capture photos
Real night vision up to 50 feet in complete darkness
Thermo tech effects and Ghost Recon...which are very cool effects
Colour LCD screen for live viewing and playback

We are more delighted with these awesome binoculars...they are amazing and I can honestly say that my boys haven't put them down since receiving them ....first thing in the morning they are off planing their next surveillance operation...And of course i couldn't resist and had to have a turn..or two.....
I love these SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Binoculars just as much as my boy's, We loved the awesome night vision mode....we tested it out in the pitch darkness and we could see everything,it was amazingly cool, and I was super impressed.....amazing.

The thermo technology gave a cool movie effect...whilst the Ghost Recon capture...was a cool ghostly eerie effect....totally fantastic. My boy's have had hours of fun with these super cool SpyNet Ultra vision binoculars...we could easily change the modes just by pushing the toggle and also adjust the range distance mode eg long or short range.
We purchased a Micro SD Card to enable us to capture and record the cool surveillance shots, which was great...as they now can look back at the images and videos they have taken which adds to the fun.

We are very delighted with the SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Surveillance Binoculars..they are awesome and a fantastic must have gadget for all children ages 8+, I could have only dreamed of a gadget like this when I was younger...super impressed.

Spy Net™ Ultravision Binoculars RRP £49.99 Visit Jakks.com AND spynethq.com for more information and where you can purchase.

Cool SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Binoculars

We were given the SpyNet Ultra Night Vision Binoculars to test and review...All thoughts are that of our own.