Monday 21 October 2013

Crazy Home

My Kitchen

It's all so crazy and even more hectic then usual as we have the builders in re-fitting our kitchen, bathroom and living room is packed with pots and pans including the fridge freezer.....literally my whole kitchen is now in my living feels very stressful and messy and we are only a few days in and.....I already can't wait for it to be over.

It's taking me for ever just to do the most simplest if tasks as I have to hunt and find what I need first and where it could be located....the kids have been really good and are coping well....probably better then me.

We try and get out if the house as much as possible. But after working and school run, all I want to do is come home and chill out with my family and at the moment that's just not going to happen.
I have to be up extra early to bath and get dressed, Just so I'm ready when builders arrive at me and hubby both work I have enlisted my mum to be at home whilst the works are carried the moment my home is dusty and messy and upside down......STRESS.

Linking In with #magicmoments......although not a magic moment as yet but hopefully soon it will be.
this has certainly taken over my #magicmoment thoughts  x