Tuesday 8 October 2013

Thames & Kosmos - Solar Boat

We Had the most awesome time constructing Thames & Kosmos Solar Boat...the greatest thing about this wonderful experimental kit is that you can choose from 6 different solar models......
Solar Boat
Solar Windmill
Solar Plane
Solar Fan
Solar Rocket
Solar Spaceship

What is amazing is not only is the kit educational you are also being creative constructing these amazing designs from the easy to follow 32 page instruction booklet....You also have the choice if you want to use the solar power cell or battery power which is amazing.......It is also a great way to introduce and discuss the working mechanisms of solar power and how it converts the light energy into an electrical current which then works the motor....My boys found this fascinating and most gadgets and toy's are battery operated so this was a totally new experience.

The solar boat is recommended for children 8+ which is understandable with the small parts...but could be used with younger children if fully supervised. Its a great educational and interactive kit that will give children a love of experiments and science...a huge thumbs up from us.

This pack comes with 44 building pieces.....We opted to build the Solar Plane, which both of my sons really enjoyed constructing......we chose use the batter power as it was quite late in the evening and the sun had gone down. It was great fun..lots of experimental discussions.

Here we are quarter way though the construction of our Solar Plane.

To watch the propeller turn was amazing and the finished design looked fantastic......we had an awesome time and cant wait to try one of the other solar experiments. We loved the Solar Boat Experiment kit it gave us lots of fun and was very educational....for this and more check out here amazing Educational Science and Environmental Kits at Thames And Kosmos.

We were given the Solar Boat to review...all thought and opinions are honest and of our own.