Thursday 11 April 2013

I Want To Get Away

Another school holiday has ended and I have been working through most of it AGAIN although I must admit I have had some fantastic days out with the family.....But we have been thinking its time we all headed off on holidays together.....Strangely enough my niece headed off to Egypt for her 1st wedding anniversary and my sister in law is due back from Turkey any day now...So I'm really feeling like a getaway.

I'm just in the process of filling out all of our passport forms so we can hopefully get away this year somewhere hot and sunny...would be nice...somewhere where we can explore and have fun and relax with the family.
It will be out first holiday as a family so I can't wait.... We are planning a last minute late deal with
Late hopefully sometime in the summer holidays....where.....well anywhere will do !!!!

It would be a fantastic experience for the boys and I can't wait ..... The only thing left is to fill out the passports sit back and start looking and thinking ahead at least eight weeks before we intend to go.

Roll on the summer hols

I was offered a cocktail gift for the purpose of sharing my experiences in this post...all thought shared are my own opinion  and of what I intend to do...I remain honest in my thoughts and opinions.