Wednesday 3 April 2013

Unwanted Guest

It's been over three weeks now and we have a unwanted guest in our home... It came uninvited and is causing mayhem and destruction this MOUSE is driving us mad and it shows no sign of ever leaving.
At first a saw it as an Innocent little mouse who may have been looking for food.... So I tired to capture it in a humane way after watching a few you tube video and made this contraption which did work for the fella on you tube but obviously this mouse is just way to smart.....

My husband by this point had enough .... Chewed up packets of food and droppings on the floor.....So he brought several mouse traps .... Which haven't worked at all ....So we called in the big boys The Exterminator.........And a big FAIL nothing nothing nothing..... has worked this mouse is so has managed to take the cheese..Jam you name it off of the traps and remain unharmed....Don't get me wrong I'd rather capture it and set it free....but when you have vermin and you end up cleaning poop before breakfast......YOU will do almost anything to get rid.

So far I have cleaned hovered and disinfected galore....and don't know how much more I can take...I want rid before he/she decides to set up home have babies or call in their mates.

After all attempts to catch it.....We have had enough....Nothing is working SO today we loan our cousins cat.....this has got to work..