Lush - Facial Beauty Review

I adore lush products as they always smell great and leave me feeling refreshed and ready to face my day.....So I was more then delighted to review these amazing Lush goodies and test them in my daily beauty regime.

Vanishing Cream - A facial moisturising cream which soaked well into the skin 
It Say's on packaging for oily t-zone skin.... But was great on my combination skin....left my skin feeling soft and smooth...I really like this lavender smell..not thick or heavy a excellent moisturiser.

Catastrophe Cosmetic - Fresh face mark this is great for cleansing the skin full of anti oxidants
I applied very generously as I love the smell and left it on for 10 minutes before rinsing off... Made with blueberries and chamomile with Irish moss left my skin feeling refreshed and it smells awesome.

Angels On Bare Skin - Fresh facial cleanser great for cleansing the skin......Left my skin feeling refreshed and removed my make up....  I used a small peas size and massaged it into my hand with a little water....before applying in circular motions on my face...rinsed of very well with warm water and left a gentle smell....Great for sensitive skin....and I can see this will last me quite sometime....and I use this everyday.

For these amazing products and more visit Lush

I received these products for the purpose of review...All thoughts and opinions are that of my own and I have not been instructed in what I write..I remain honest and share my personal experiences on the products I review.


  1. I've never been hugely into Lush products but recently purchased a massage bar and its fab! Sometimes get a dry rash on my neck for which I have to get prescription cream, but the bar got rid of it! And it smelt much better!

  2. Lush products really are great - the smells and colours are lovely.... :)

  3. Oooo I love lush products - the kids have some FUN at the moment that they like playing with


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