Tuesday 23 April 2013

Flat Pack Hell

I am someone who doesn't ever read instructions...I don't know why...but I never do, often I find it easier just to figure it out myself..... UNTIL I cant figure it out anymore and I don't have a blooming clue. then I will reach for the instructions...Doh
I do think I can be my own worst enemy sometimes.

My husband kindly went to work and left me with flat pack hell......HELP.... he reminded me, how good and quick I am at putting things together... yeah right.. cheeky hubby....
Ok I tell myself this has got to get done and hubby's working...so let me get stuck in.... begrudgingly.

Although I do remember the good old days when fixing flat pack together was fun....really did I say that... yeah I enjoyed it, Me and hubby fixing things over a cuppa....SO why now do I hate it soooooo much.

Well maybe because I have done so many over the years and plus when you have your kids dangling off your neck whilst trying to figure out which screw you need could be a telltale sign....or maybe I'm fed up of all the mess and crumbs of polystyrene that are left behind...
speaking of polystyrene .....when my kids get hold of it and it looks like we had an indoor snow storm.....stress....:-(

So once the flat pack is finished you can step back and proudly look at your handy work OR if like me just count your blessing that it will still be standing in the next six months....as you head of for a well needed cuppa and bloody toe...(which good squashed under the wood).