Monday 29 April 2013

Father's Day Cupcakes

150g Butter
150g Golden caster sugar
125g Self raising flour
3 Eggs
25g Cocoa powder

57g Cream cheese
57 Butter
130g Icing sugar
Ready Roll Icing
Designer Icing pens
Chocolate drops
Cupcake toppers

Heat oven 180°C, 160°C fan, gas 4. Line a cup cake trays with 12 paper cupcake cases. 
Place the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon or electric mixer until light and fluffy...Gradually beat in the eggs a little at a time until smooth, adding a little flour if the mixture curdles. Stir in the flour and cocoa powder until smooth.
Place heaped dessertspoon full in each cupcake case and bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown and just firm to the touch. 

We also made some butter cream for ourand decorate as desired.....for this  Fathers day recipe Fathers Day Recipe and more see Fathers Day Cupcakes

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  • I was given some of ingredients for the purpose of this review...however we were not instructed in what we write.