Sunday 6 July 2014

Loving Loom Bands

They are many trends that I have seen in my lifetime, Back in my childhood in the 80s we has Yo-yos, Neon friendship bracelets and Scoopy doos and not forgetting Garbage Pal kids stickers. All which I have very fond memories of collecting sharing and swapping with my friends. 

My children however are growing up in an era where technology rules, gadgets and the latest gizmo's take precedent, from an ever endless choice of consoles and virtual play, So for me as a mother it has been really nice to see something as simple as colourful elastic bands, or should I say Loom Bands taking off.

I don't think any child lately hasn't heard or them or at least own a Loom Band bracelet. 
Its been really nice to see not just because they are cheap and look nice, but because they require concentration and dexterity and a creative thinking of style and colour.
In the beginning the boys used to ask me to make them Loom Band bracelets, but now they can make their own, and best of all it doesn't require them to have their head in a screen and not a battery in sight.
As a mother of two very active boys, it has been nice to watch them enjoy something so simple and take part in this latest trend, I'm sure they will have fond memories of this in years to come.

I couldn't even help getting in on the act, I first noticed the loom band trend when my son came home with one, instantly the kid in me wanted one, and to my delighted the local shop had a packs for £1. We sat together that evening and made a ton of bracelets, we had great fun we are defiantly Loom Band hooked.