Thursday 12 June 2014

Mario Kart Challenge

To celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8, We were set a Challenge to create and design our own Mario Kart, Mario Kart Racing Track and weapons that we would like to use against are racing opponents.

We were very excited and couldn't wait to get started..... 
using some cardboard boxes we had laying around the house and some coloured paints and pens, The boys wasted no time in getting creative and set about creating a their colourful rainbow Kart's, We had so much messy and creative fun. 

My son even went and got his Mario soft toy characters to let them take the driving seat of the new Kart creations, They were super excited and very pleased with their kart's.

The boy's had a great time creating and designing their Mario Rainbow Karts.

We then created our very own racing track using some felt tip pens, my boys opted for a white road with green/blue and red markings. 


And or course no Mario kart and racing track would be complete without a weapon to defeat and slow down your opponents, This is the fast blade that will slice and dice the opponents wheels and temporarily slow them down, giving you the chance to whizz by and take the lead....Pretty cool.

We had so much fun getting creative and designing our very own Mario experience at home...Great fun.

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