Sunday 19 November 2017

Games Night With John Adams Ideal Games

With the winter months now upon us, we find ourselves staying in a lot more and what better way to spend some quality time with the family then spending the evening having a games night, we were delighted to test our knowledge with these fun and entertaining John Adams Ideal games.

We love playing games so we couldn't wait to settle in for the evening and test our skills. 

The aim of the game - to have lots of fun, Draw what you see and then Guess what you saw, players simultaneously sketch and pass along their sketch and it's up to the next player to guess what they see. This hilarious game is unpredictable and lots of fun.

Over 1,100 words
8 dry-wipe markers
8 clean-up cloths
8 erasable sketch books, instructions
60-second electronic timer.
Players 4-8
From age 7 upwards
Price £24.99

Think Words Spin
Spin It, name it, Think Words Spin has 7 different game options to choose from. We like playing the game where you place 6 letter cards around the spinner and spin,  you then have to be the first player to name something beginning with the letter the spinner points to, in the category that matches the letter colour, its great fun and means you have to think fast, the person who names first then gets to keep the cards and the player who has the most at the end wins.

1 x spinner
80 x cards
2 or more players.
For ages 8 years and over.

Dinkee Linkee for Kids
This has to be one of our favourite games and its all about shouting out and lining the questions, an easy play game which is simple to learn. Simply answer four questions and work out what links all of the answers. Then shout DINKEE, the person who guesses correctly wins the card, and the first player to spell out DINKEE wins the game.


800 cards
4 pencils
4 note pads
2 or more players.
For ages 8 years and over

Split Second
This fast thinking general knowledge game will test your ability to answer questions fast, simply twist the spinner to choose the category, then all you have to do is answer the question with the correct answer and write it onto your paddle and flip it to the centre of the unit before any of your opponents, the quickest player with the correct answer wins each round, win n 10 rounds to be the ultimate Spilt Second champion

1 spinner unit
Category cards
Dry wipe pens, instructions.
3 or more players.
For ages 8 years and over.

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