Wednesday 11 July 2018

My Personality in Colours

The colours that we choose make us feel good, whether that be the clothes that we were or the decor of our homes, colours defiantly do influence the way we feel. Most experts in home decor would always recommend that you look at the available space textures, furniture that you have before deciding on a colour, as there is no point in choosing a colour that can overwhelm a small space or clash with your current furniture.

I do tend to opt for very natural to pastel colours, I like the light and airy feel, also my furniture is dark especially my large leather recliner which takes up a huge space in my living room, so its important that the walls are light, I do like accents of metallics and colour but tend to use accessories to add the clours that I like. My bedroom is in need of a new makeover and for this, I'm defiantly looking at white, greys and silver. Julain Charles has a cool downloadable pdf book (see the link to below)  which shares some really useful information on a range of colours and why we are attracted to them. Here is what Julian Charles advises on my colour palate

Grey - Grey is a reliable colour and is very versatile,  You’re reliable, but sometimes a bit scared of being the centre of attention. You’d much rather fade into the background. Grey is also the colour of compromise. It shows that you can be indecisive, and would rather sit on the fence than make any big decisions. You’re mostly a calm person who likes to be in control of a situation. Sometimes you can be a little bit too serious, but your fun side comes out when you’re with your best friends. How to style grey Don’t just stick to one grey. You should use lots of light and darks to help layer the room. Grey comes in all sorts of tones. You can have warm ones, or blue-toned ones, or even grey with a green tinge.  so play around with it. For a glamorous feel, add lots of silver accessories and crushed velvet.

Black & White - Using black and white suggests that you like the simple things in life. You enjoy sitting down with a good book, or just having dinner with loved ones. It doesn’t take much to please you. You might be a bit more cautious with your interiors too. Perhaps you’re scared of colour, but regardless, your home is still beautiful and stylish with simple monochrome colours.

The colours we're attracted to or the ones we do tend to choose repeatedly and defiantly tell something about our personality and Julian Charles really summed up my personality with the clours that I have chosen for my home, check out Colour Your Personality