Monday 31 December 2018

How To Make Your Goal A Reality

When it comes to the new year most of us start setting goals on what we want to achieve in the new year, but the problem is how do we stick to those goals that we set.

Most of the time we set ourselves with monumental goals that are unrealistic and unachievable which often leave us feeling demoralised and ready to throw in the towel not everyone can achieve extreme goals from starting new diets to getting that new job, rather than set unreachable large goals we need to think about the small realistic steps we can take every day to achieve those goals, so be realistic in your goal setting, eg saying your not going to eat sugar again is a tall feat, so why not set a goal to cut back on your sugar intake ie no sugar in your tea, remember small steps will build your confidence and inspire you to push forward with the ultimate goal.

  • Know Your Goals: Think of the goal and have it at the forefront of your mind make sure your goals have a positive outcome and have that in your mind. What are you trying to change achieve give a commitment to your goal by writing why it matters to you.
  • Write it down:  make it real and write down your goal and the reason for setting it!  Can you achieve this goal, how much willpower will you need to achieve this goal and what steps are you going to take.
  • Break It Down: break your goals into small palatable elements eg think of all the things you need to make that goal achievable eg get a new job, what training will I need, can I get some experience in that field. By focusing on one small step, a day will make your goals more realistic and achievable.
  • Can I Do It Now: What can you sign up for or commit to RIGHT NOW that will keep you accountable? eg if you pay to join an exercise class you'll more likely to stick with it.
  • Plan Plan Plan: plan the steps to your goal the night before: write down what you need to do tomorrow this will help you feel in control and set you up for success.
  • Morning Routine: revisit your goals and steps in the morning, work out what can be done right away and plan your day/week, I use Mel Robins 5 second journal as it works for me, it gives me the chance to pick one element of my goal and work on that solely each day, but you can use a notebook or another journal.
  • Learn New Techniques: Learn new techniques to help kick you into action, I recommend Mel Robins 5 Second Rule which is proven to get you to act the rule teaches you not to overthink or hesitate, The instant that you have an instinct to act on your goal, simply by counting yourself down will stop hesitation and make you act instantly…5-4-3-2-1-GO
  • Be patient: while we all want overnight results when it comes to change, sadly, that is never going to be the case. If you are changing your diet or life will take time.

Celebrate those small achievements no matter how small they are and feel good about yourself if you would like more information on the 5-second rule check out If you are just starting your goal planning for 2019, then hop over to Mel Robins for her mind set-reset cousre its free and a great place to start.