Tuesday 7 October 2014

October with Netflix

Forget your FoMo fears! Have you got the terror of the century – ‘fear of missing out’ aka FoMo?
To celebrate National Parents Week, which takes place from 21st – 27th October, we’re calling on mums to plan some time with their partner or fellow friends to catch-up with the latest new shows on Netflix so you aren’t left out when everybody talks about Vee’s destiny (if you don’t get this, make OITNB number one on your list!)

FoMo is fast becoming the fright of the modern millennial - that everybody else is having more fun and exciting experiences than you.  Whether it’s dining at the latest restaurant, taking the kids to the latest outdoor craze or understanding what your fellow mums are talking about at the school gates – it’s something all mums have experienced before.

Netflix’ing’ has been hailed by The Sunday Time Style’s barometer as officially ‘cool’, so congratulate yourself on being part of the coolest team! With everyone watching Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad, we’re tasking you to set aside some time to make sure you’re up to speed on the shows most talked about – or explore Netflix to discover a new one...

Most Talked About Shows

New To Netflix This Month

Something For Little Ones

What’s new? Three conversation starters to stay one step ahead of other mums at the playground
Here’s are top three trends you should be talking about

1.    Heard of a Jian Bing? It’s half way between a crepe and burrito! The soya milk pancake can be sprinkled with sweet or savoury. Try these for your Netflix night in, inspired by Walter’s pancakes from Breaking Bad.
2.    Tried Bokwa? It’s a new dance class craze based on drawing the alphabet with your feet, whilst burning calories! If it’s been a long day you could put on Footloose and freestyle (or relax and watch on the sofa).
3.  Board games are back! A recent survey by Britain’s biggest toy retailer revealed despite kids loving digital gadgets, games such as Monopoly will be big this Christmas. Get the kids playing early to polish their game playing skills and come out on top before Christmas hits or if your board game is buried in the attic you could always watch Robin William’s fight to save a toy factory in Toys.

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