Friday 11 September 2015

Feed Your Mini Cravings

The Laughing Cow introduces Mini Cravings, mini cubes of deliciously creamy cheese at 14 calories per cube, are the perfect guilt-free nibble for those ‘quarter-past’ moments.

Mini Cravings is the first mini snack of their kind, Mini Cravings are available in two strong flavour varieties with a herb option, which features Ham & Herb and Three Cheese and Garlic & Herb, and a cheese-tastic choice, with classic Cheddar, Smoked Cheese and Blue Cheese there is a Mini Cravings to suit every peckish palate.

Mini Cravings Cheese is a satisfying nibble that offers a little of what you fancy without spoiling your appetite, Mini Cravings make for the perfect light bite straight from the fridge, adding an exciting and innovative new twist to snacking. Why not unwrap a few after work, before you sit down for dinner? Or, of course, simply tuck in whenever you get the craving for a cube.

You can find The Laughing Cow Mini Cravings in the chiller aisle in Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Waitrose and online at Ocado from July, priced at RRP: £2 for a 125g pack, which includes 24 individually wrapped cheese cubes. Mini Cravings will also be available in The Co-Op from September 2015.

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