Tuesday 17 November 2015

Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure Reveal The Top Baby Blunders When it Comes to Outfits

As the season changes and the weather turns colder Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure have partnered with a host of top 100 mummy and daddy bloggers to share their top tips to make dressing your baby up nice and warm, But creating a capsule wardrobe for a baby can be a daunting task, especially when negotiating buttons and flailing arms.
A head’s up on onesies
Did you know that you can roll down the onesie over the shoulders instead of pulling it up over babies head? Gone are the days of nasty poo explosions which end up in babies’ hair, all over the floor, yep you get the picture....everywhere! Persil Non Bio and Comfort Pure are perfect for getting clothes clean, so a controlled mess is definitely something to aspire to! ( (KerryOh So Amelia)
Most babies hate clothing being pulled over their heads so I make sure now that necklines are stretchy enough to easily pull up and down. (Mim, Mamamim)

Dribble Bibs
Dribble Bibs are great and can be worn snugly underneath the baby’s chin and catch the constant drool in the first few months and teething stages. Their skin won’t be irritated and they can also make a fairly simple outfit a little more stylish! (Mim, Mamamim)

Layer it up
Laundry loads will be at a high when you have a little one in the house. With this in mind, keep outfits with numerous layers for special occasions only and certainly in the first three months stick with onesies or two pieces where you can easily change a nappy without having to entirely undress your squirming mini. (Mim, Mamamim)

Size matters
Everyone told me not to bother with new-born sized baby clothes as babies grow out of them so quickly, so I only bought for 0-3 months. Turns out that despite being an average weight both my babies were TINY and even new-born babygros were huge.  (GillA Baby on Board)

Keep it simple
You do not want to be fussing around with too many buttons, bows, and layers, regardless of how pretty they might look (Mim, Mamamim)

Lastly, a word from the wise… “The most expensive (and whitest) outfit is the one most likely to be on the receiving end of an explosive nappy. Fact. (HannahMake do and Push)

Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure support mums by helping make sure clothes are soft, clean and comforting. Whilst they can’t help do the chores or juggle challenging routines, they can reassure mums – as both brands are skin kind, dermatologically tested, and have skincare research recognised by the British Skin Foundation. Used together they give fresh, pure results gentle enough for even delicate skins.”

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