Sunday 1 November 2015

Winter Boots

The leaves have begun to fall from the trees and Bonfire night is fast approaching, Around this time we start to prepare our winter wardrobe for the cold season ahead. And its most defiantly time to start hunting for some comfortable winter boots for the kids The kids are growing fast and have most defiantly outgrown or wore out thier boots from last year, Its always important to me that the kids have something sturdy and strong which will last them though the whole of the winter, I try to avoid trainers and low ankle styles as once the rain and cold sets in they don't withstand the elements, The boys walk to school and defiantly need a sturdy boot to protect them form the elements.

So I gave both of the kids the chance to select there preferred Kids Ugg Boots winter footwear
and here are both of their choices.

Brown Ugg boots, High ankle style boys that look cool, perfect for the cold days and nights.

We really love these, sturdy and strong looking boots, these have to my my favourite choice too, I most definitely love the style. And as an Ugg wearer myself I know that the kids will find these extremely comfortable and durable.

Sharing our winter wishlist this season.