Tuesday 3 January 2017

KiGo GPS Watch

KiGO Watch

Most people who know me, know that I'm very protective when it comes to my kids, I worry about them when they are not in my sight especially if they are on long excursions and trips aways from home, So we're really excited to hear about KiGO a Watch that will help rest some of my parental anxieties. KiGO is a cool GPS watch which allows your child to stay in touch no matter where they are, thanks to the integrated Vodaphone sim and chip, which allows you to connect to all networks worldwide.

kigo watch contents

Inside the box:
Kigo Watch (Blue/Pink) options available
USB cable
Extra velcro strap

kigo watch

To get started you simply need to download the Look KiGO app, and using the app can locate your child's whereabouts via GPS, you can also contact them using a series of pre-installed images which is simple for all children even the very young to understand, the wearer of the KiGO watch can respond with the very same set of images. which is a very simple yet effective way to communicate,

kigo time  kigo watch side view

The KiGO watch isn't just a tracker, it's also a cool digital shock-proof watch with a light features and wrist detection, along with an emergency alarm, the alarm can to raised simply holding down the emergency button, immediately you will get a notification via an app notification you can then track your child location and navigate via the map to show you their exact location,

KiGO retails at £160,99 and requires a monthly subscription of  £5.11, although you do get two weeks free trial when you set up your initial account. My son loves his KiGO watch and has really enjoyed using it, we haven't needed to use it for the GPS tracking as yet, but I'm sure we will in the near future, although my son has been using it to tell the time and send me various images, especially the dinner image to tell me he's hungry. For more information check out KiGOWatch.com