Saturday 21 January 2017

Our Karaoke singalong to Universal Pictures SING

Universal Pictures SING

We were lucky enough to watch a preview screening of the movie Sing last year, so we are really looking forward to its release in cinemas on Friday 27th January.

Karaoke SING

So to celebrate we have been having our own little Sing along to the soundtrack of the movie.

buster moon

The animated movie SING is a fun entertaining feet tapping feel good movie, Buster Moon, the owner of a theatre is determined to put his theatre back on the map, Buster Moon comes up with a plan to host a singing competition with a grand prize, and soon animals from the entire town turn up to take part in the competition.

SING Characters

The story follows Buster Moon and his five wannabe singers as they set to change their lives, as all they really want to so is sing, and they are hoping that Buster Moon will be able to help them change their lives forever. But all is not what it seems and they soon find themselves joining forces to put on an amazing show when Buster moons dream of the grand theatre come crashing down literally around them.


We had our very own singing competition and took it in turns to sing along to our favourite songs, the boys loved the movie SING so much they can't wait to watch it again. Read our full movie review HERE.

SING is previewing this weekend in select cinemas and is out on Friday 27th January, Staring Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Tori Kelly, Taron Egerton, Seth McFarlane.