Sunday 14 May 2017

Super Sour Bear Yoyos

We love BEAR Yoyos, so we were excited to try the new Super Sour BEAR Yoyos which come in three delicious pure fruit rolls Sour Strawberry and  Apple, Sour Blackcurrant and Apple,  Sour Mango and Apple.

Yoyo's Sour Yoyo's come in individual packs or boxes of five, each individual pack contains 2 fruit rolls, free collectable cards inside and are perfect for lunch boxes and a great healthy snack

Sour BEAR Yoyos only contain 100% pure fruit & veg, with no added sugar and never from concentrates, and high in fibre perfect as one of your 5 a day. We love the zingy sour taste of the sour Yoyos's they taste amazing. For more information check out