Wednesday 24 May 2017

Monster Island - Movie Review

I love a good animated movie, so I was delighted to head into Central London to Warner Bros headquarters De Lane Lea, to watch the new animated movie Monster Island.

Monster Island follows Lucas a boy who's looking to fit in with his peers, Lucus is determined to convince his dad to let him go to a party, but Lucas's dad is adamant that Lucas is not quite ready. Lucas decides to break the rules and sneaks out to the party against his dads wishes, but all doesn't go to plan and when some of the kids decide to humiliate Lucas, he soon discovers his real identity when he transforms into a huge monster, but the explanation given by his dad is just not enough and Lucas yearns to find out more about who he is.

Curious about the stories of his past Lucus runs away in search for Monster Island to uncover the truth, he soon finds himself on a scary life-changing journey where he comes face-to-face with some scary looking monsters, but when Lucas learns the truth about his identity and his family background he realises being a monster isn't that bad after all.

Monster Island is a cool animated movie is full of adventure with at times very mild scary scenes, the movie is fun and entertaining with funny moments throughout, an entertaining movie for the whole family. Monster Island is in all good cinemas on the 21st July.